Ever notice?



Last week our travel-crazy daughter took off for 10 days in Nicaragua. Nicaragua? While I barely knew where to put my finger on the map, she goes there. All of a sudden I am aware, no, let’s say keenly interested in Nicaragua. And all of a sudden I start seeing Nicaragua everywhere. Literally.
First (within minutes of her departure) there was news of an earthquake in Costa Rica (next door) which set off the San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua. 1500 people had to be evacuated and ‘the authorities would need to carefully watch the all the other 19 active volcanoes there (who knew there were all these others?) because they were more likely to blow as well’! What?

Next, the Nicaraguan police announced that they had arrested one of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted- a former private school teacher wanted on child porn charges, who was hiding out in Nicaragua… apparently hiding out there is popular for bad guys . Then the news announced that Daniel Ortega (another type of bad guy) was just reelected in what was a crooked election and expected to be violently contested. Oh great! All this was followed quickly by the fact that Nicaragua was now offering Edward Snowden asylum… which would surely upset the USA and that’s never wise for a tiny Central American dictatorship, like Nicaragua.

Point being; as soon as I, as a concerned father in this case, was aware of Nicaragua- Nicaragua was everywhere.

Here’s one of these for you dear Brand builder. ‘Award-winning’.

There, now that I have made you aware of this two-word selling point, I guarantee you will notice it- a lot. Many advertisers, desperate apparently, for a little ‘differentiating news’, have embraced this unsubstantiated clincher! But trouble is, when everybody is ‘award-winning’, you’re just the same- and with every Industry Association handing out awards, it’s everywhere and it’s not different!

The #1 Tool of Brand building is to be remark-able. #2 is have a clearly articulated point-of-difference- your Positioning. Being ‘Award-winning’ isn’t it.

As for our daughter Megan, she comes home tomorrow- from where did I tell you?

Ted Matthews Author of the award-winning book Brand; It ain’t the logo.