CONSISTENCY The number 1 rule in Branding



The Tropicana people are at it again…the same people who recently, had dropped their highly recognized iconic label along with it’s representation of their powerful, long-term core idea- the striped-straw-stuck-in-orange, in favour of a bad-looking generic label. This very wrong Branding inconsistency only lasted one month- when they lost 30% of their former share and were forced to retreat to their original label…devoted customers simply couldn’t find the Tropicana they knew on the shelf.

Now, here they fiddle again. Check out the photo. My favourite version of their juice is ‘GROVESTAND…Lots of Pulp’ but the label NOW says it has CALCIUM & VITAMIN D. Huh? Look, label also says it is 100% Orange Juice- twice. So, standing in store, pressed for time, I assume Calcium and Vitamin D are naturally in pure orange juice and I buy it.
This morning at the breakfast table I check the notes on the back of the label… “calcium hydroxide, citric acid & vitamin D3 are ingredients NOT found in regular orange juice”. What the…?

Since when did I ask my OJ supplier to become my doctor? Since when did juice farmers get the authority to prescribe chemical vitamins and hide it behind a Pure Orange Juice claim?
All this change, again breaking the number 1 rule of Branding- ‘consistency’. Sadly it’s typical of a public company trying everything (and anything, apparently) to squeeze more profits for their shareholders.

The amazing equity the Tropicana Brand had, took years of good Brand building to achieve…following all 3 rules Consistency, Management and Time. The Brands ‘new friends’, often the worst enemy of any Brand, seem bent on undoing that equity.