Not sold at Home Depot. Not sold at Canadian Tire. Not what you would expect to see on an ad for a chain saw or paint.



But there it is, supered right across the TV screen, headlined on the print!

Not sold in Home Depot or Canadian Tire.

Love it. Consistent with their strategy of only selling through their selected and trained, certified dealers, Stihl Brand continues to be ranked the best saw experience. Number 1 selling and yet the most expensive.

Making a great technical product is only the beginning, educational selling thru knowledgeable, passionate dealers, who know their extra efforts are protected, makes the big difference.

Flashback 1996. Newly arrived in Canada, Home Depot approached Benjamin Moore to carry their premium paint line. Benny Moore’s leaders thought long and hard weighing the instant sales volume increase the juggernaut was offering, against the status quo of their 1000 mom and pop dealers. With our help, they decided to stay the course- turning down Home Depot while ramping up their support and training for dealers.

Their dealers who had feared the worst from big box, became passionate defenders of the Brand. Paint prices were raised and still sales soared. So successful was the Canadian program, it was rolled out in the States. So profitable, Warren Buffet bought the company.

However, in the years that followed, new management lost focus on what made the Benjamin Moore Brand paint strong and sales began to slip. In a panic, they reversed the decision to sell to thru big box- losing the hearts of their devoted dealers in the process. Then with less informed self serve distribution, they’ve lost even more sales and their once dominant market share.

The Benjamin Moore story is unfinished, but the lesson is clear.