I don’t know how I missed HailO hailing, but I sure caught Uber.


Our know-all-things-new daughter was visiting from her home in Manhattan when she asked her mother and I for our iPhones and our credit cards…ah, ok.

She downloaded Uber and set up our accounts and told us how it had really upped her ability to get around New York for her crazy-busy fashion VP Public Relations job. She assured us it would be the greatest thing for getting us around Toronto as well. Ok, whatever.

A week went by when I received an email from Uber, thanking me for signing up but lamenting that I had yet to use it- to which they’d apparently popped a $40 credit into my account to get me to try. Ok!

Next day I did. Out front our King Street condo I push the Uber app button. Seconds later it’s found me by GPS and has, let’s call him ‘Bob’ (driver ranking 4.8 Stars), in a Black Lincoln, license number ABC123 on his way to me- arrival time 4 minutes! What the?

3.5 minutes later Bob opens the door for me to get in. I tell him where I want to go. We arrive; Bob opens the door. I get out, head into my meeting. Note- no talk of money- before I have my hand on the building door, I receive an email with my receipt, a “thank you Ted” and a request for my experience ranking and any comment I might have. Love it. 5 Stars!

What would the Brand Coach, coach?

This is a very cool, very easy to use and love service. It’s using the first tool of Brand building – have a remark-able service or product. And look, here I am remark-ing. Toronto cabs and their drivers are not loveable and left a big door open for an upgraded service. I use to think Toronto cabs were expensive- now here I am gladly paying more than that, for good service.

HailO was apparently the first app in this space. But these Uber folks have done their Brand homework and they know one trial will create a long-term customer.