Intro Be opening day ready. Everyday. Instinct supports and challenges business leaders
to maximize the potential within their Brand.

Be opening day ready. Everyday.
Instinct supports and challenges business leaders to maximize the potential within their Brand.

Company founders lead with their instinct, and that’s not wrong. What is wrong is expecting consistency and growth by not properly articulating their vision in a clear and memorable way. ‘New friends’, aka employees, freelancers, investors, introduced into the company can lead to an unravelling of the original vision, meaning consistency, the #1 rule in Brand building is lost and growth is ultimately stifled.

We support through our proprietary Brand process, including the ThinkAudit™ and Brand Foundation™.  And then we help you tell the Brand story inside your organization and beyond through the power of PR.

The only thing harder than building a Brand is changing one.

Branding is a process, not an event.

Think fresh, not new.

Be opening day ready, everyday.

The only synonym for Brand is culture.

Branding is a process not an event.

Brands are built from the inside out. 

Branding is not a matter of personal taste.

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Working with Megan to do a ThinkAudit™ and Brand Foundation™ helped us as founders to bring focused clarity to the many facets of our business.  It has also become the tool we refer to when communicating the core building blocks of the Bagboard brand to our current and future employees, partners, suppliers and investors, allowing us to do it with consistency. And it reminds us why we’re here every day, doing what we do.

Ashleigh Bishop, Co-CEO Bagboard

A ThinkAudit™ and Brand Foundation™ was something I didn’t even realise I needed until I met Megan. But by understanding what my clients see as my strongest attributes, and then ultimately defining my personal brand through Megan’s process, myself and my team now use the Brand Foundation as a guardrail for consistency, helping to reach my ultimate vision for success sooner.

Working with Megan has quite possibly been the best decision I’ve made since starting the business. Not only is she amazing to work with, Megan knows exactly what the brand needs and how to deliver the best results. To say that the Beingworks brand is in great hands would be an understatement.

The ThinkAudit™ gave us so much insight into what our employees, clients, potential clients, and partners see as our strongest and most unique attributes; allowing us to build these out in a Brand Foundation, offering us a consistent framework to refer to again and again. It confirmed for us some of the things we were doing right and encouraged us to fix some of the things that were standing in our way.

Adrian Black, Founder, YOUhome

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Megan as a team for the past 2 years with some wonderful clients. Megan really values her client relationships and we work so synergistically together with ease and flow, brainstorming fresh PR angles together and ensuring a steady stream of coverage consistently.  Brainstorming and working with Megan is a total joy and she is such a team player, it’s so refreshing working together!

PR practitioner and Instinct Network member

Several brains are better than one and I cherish the opportunity to partner with Megan to deliver strategic client work such as brand positioning. I know we can count on each other’s experience and expertise, plus our cohesive positive energy to deliver results.

Brand strategist and Instinct Network member

Working with Megan & Ana to publicise Daisy Chain has been a fantastic experience. Creative and consistent, they were always coming up with new ideas and angles that showed a real understanding of the Daisy Chain brand positioning and tone of voice. They work together in a seamless way and delivered press coverage for Daisy Chain across a variety of outlets targeting both companies and individuals looking for flexible work solutions.

Louise Deverell-Smith, Founder, flexible working platform Daisy Chain