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As a Globe & Mail business bestseller for 5 consecutive years ‘Brand it ain’t the logo’ is a plea to business leaders to confront three crises – hyper-messaging, the labour shortage (including the very specific workplace demands of Gen Z’s and millennials), and the rise of China as a manufacturing and now Brand colossus –  by embracing the fact that Brand is not just a logo, advertising, or any other marketing communication, but everything and ultimately, what people think of you.

Watch for our third release of ‘Brand it ain’t the logo’, coming in 2022 featuring fresh content on the positives and perils of public relations and social media in creating and building your Brand.

The majority of executives still fundamentally misunderstand Brand’s true meaning. Yet there is good news: once you realise your Brand is what people think of you, you realise it is your culture that drives this. When you hit this realisation, you can build a ‘remark-able’ Brand that cuts through competing messaging, helps you attract, retain and inspire the best and the brightest, and leverages the full power of Branding.

Brand it ain’t the logo is packed with entertaining and practical stories, along with numerous actionable frameworks, on how to build a Brand for the 21st century – starting by rooting it in an inspiring core purpose and Brand Foundation. It has become a must-read for new employees at companies across a span of industries and is required reading at multiple business schools as a Brand bible for the next generation. You can put this book to work at your organization – whether B2B, not-for-profit, B2C or government – today.

This is a book about perspective and understanding. The kind of perspective that marketers need – not just for themselves but for those with whom they work every day and rely upon for support at planning time. Brand: It ain’t the logo* (*It’s what people think of you™) should be required reading for anyone who sits around the ‘big table’ or anyone who seeks to influence decisions.

Ken Wong, Professor of Marketing, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Former Director, Canadian Marketing Association

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