Instinct Brand Bootcamp:
A 6-week course to help company founders set the foundation for ultimate Brand growth 

Including the 3 rules & 3 tools to Brand Building and how to tell your Brand story. 

Intro Offer of $195 USD for 6-week course. Starting Wednesday 10th February 5:00pm GMT.

  • Each session is 1-hour with a playback option if you miss one
  • Includes one workshop week with 1-1 consultation on your Brand positioning  
  • Homework after each session to ensure usable outcomes for your business 

What is a Brand? Many still believe it to be the logo, the colours, the tagline associated with your business. These however are the visual representations of your Brand. In fact, your Brand is something you don’t own. Your Brand is what people think of you. 

If you build it right, and from the inside out, tell your story with consistency, you can ensure your Brand is thought of just as you intend.  How? It’s about following the Rules & Tools of Brand Building and giving yourself an additional job title; that of Chief Brand Officer. We’ll tell you all about this and guide you through your new role that will make everything you do as a business, easier. 

You’ll walk away with; 

  • A clear understanding for how to Build your Brand, including the 3 Rules and 3 Tools
  • Understanding the major threats to your Brand and how to manage them when they inevitably turn up
  • How to do a ThinkAudit
  • A Brand Foundation for your business, with support in developing it
  • Finding your unique Brand story and how to tell it in a way that sets your Brand apart
  • A topline understanding for how to approach social media and crisis 
  • An opportunity to ask all your Brand development questions to Megan Matthews

Creating your Brand Foundation is the single most important thing to do as a business founder. If you’re a few years into your business it’s never too late to refocus, and with 2020 behind us, refocusing is especially relevant.